Moon Rituals Bath Tea Bag Set (2)
Moon Rituals Bath Tea Bag Set (2)
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Moon Rituals Bath Tea Bag Set (2)

Herbal Hiraeth
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  • 1x Bath Ritual Tea Bag  - New Moon 30g
  • 1x Bath Ritual Tea Bag - Full Moon 30g

Product Description:

Moon rituals are an ancient practice, they create a sacred space for you to focus inward, set intentions, spread love and feel empowered. Add a Moon Ritual Tea Bag to your bath to connect, create and release. 

  • New Moon: Manifest + Growth + Transform

An entrancing ritual bath bag filled with the most sacred New Moon herbs. Each herb within this bath bag has been specifically chosen for its energy.

Lavender - New Moon energy can be incredibly powerful, lavender works to soften this energy and work to promote soft calming loving energy as you delve deep into your soul.

Blue Cornflower - brings a thunderous energy of Transformation, Blue Cornflower has been magically associated with enhancing the third eye vision, and is a powerful alley in helping to bring what your soul requires to the surface.

Lemon Balm - Associated with the New Moon, Lemon Balm offers us a motherly hug, it is renowned for its emotional support. Transformation is never an easy process, it is quite often although exciting, rather emotional, this is where the energy of Lemon Balm infuses her magic and lights up the darkness.

Sage - incredibly spiritual and cleansing, sage helps to wash away everything we no longer require as we step into this new phase of growth.

Mugwort - One of the most highly prized herbs for intuitive messages is Mugwort, it has strong physic energy and can help enlighten truths in ones mind eye, associated with the Mother Crone she brings wisdom, visualisation and observation, a powerful tool in transformation and growth.

Rosemary - Incredibly grounding and protective is that of Rosemary. Rosemary offers us spiritual protection as we turn inwards converse with our soul & bring our desires to light. 

  • Full Moon: Balance + Nurture + Banish

When the moon shines full it is a time to shed ourselves of what no longer serves us. The full moon is a time to achieve balance within our souls. A time to utilise the powerful full moon energy to banish the negative and what’s holding us back from our souls true purpose and nourish our souls within.

A magical nurturing ritual bath bag filled with the most sacred Full Moon herbs. Each herb within this bath bag has been specifically chosen for its energy.

Rose Buds - Aligned with the heart chakra, Rose is a gift to the heart, its healing energy works to balance and soothe the flow of emotions & align our heart with our souls sacred purpose.

Red Clover - a detoxing herb, Red Clover is a perfect partner in its banishing energy, it lends us an energetic hand in helping to release toxic and negative thoughts we are holding onto that no longer serve us.

Ginger Root - a stimulating energy that fires up our magic and intuition, helping our magic flow freely and readily this Full Moon. Tap into that powerful flow of magic flying through the air on Full a Moon. Use this power to warm up your spirit, ground and balance your soul.

Passionflower - a nervine lends its calming energy to you. Full Moons can heighten emotions and have us feeling on edge, passionflower world to soften this and slow down your spirit, to find that balancing energy within you.

Elderflower - an emotional protector and healer, Elderflower uplifts the spirit, infuses its healing energies to the heart and soul, and allows your spirit to softly open and wash away anything throwing you off balance.

Calendula - the mother of healing, calendula is one of the most nourishing herbs out there. Calendulas energy works to soften our emotions as we dig deep within to find what we need so desperately to release. She is a comforting blanket for us in this process.

Use in the bath, shower or even in a foot bath.

*We recommend skin patch test prior to use - avoid sensitive areas - discontinue if irritation occurs - topical use only - store away from direct sunlight & below 30oC.