Natural Bristle Body Brush

Natural Bristle Body Brush

The Herbalist Bells Beach
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Natural body brush - made from the finest boar bristles and natural wood.

Benefits of skin brushing: 

  • Exfoliates dry skin & unclogs blocked pores
  • Stimulates the nervous system leaving you feeling invigorated & energised
  • Promotes circulation, blood flow and lymph drainage
  • Helps the body rid itself of toxins
  • Reduces the appearance of uneven skin and unwanted texture
  • Accelerates the skin's natural renewal cycle
  • Leaves skin feeling instantly smoother

Use daily prior to shower/bathing.

*Patch test prior to first use - avoid sensitive areas including the face or broken/damaged skin.

Rinse and let dry thoroughly after each use to avoid early deterioration. Will degrade naturally with time.